I have been contemplating changing the name of my coaching company for some time now from Lube’s Multisport to something that is a little more all-encompassing.  I want my business to be a reflection of myself and my beliefs.  The name Lube’s Multisport was all about me. I felt as though I needed a company name that would remind my athletes, my coaches, my supporters, etc. why they are doing what they are doing.  I wanted  name that an athlete could wear on his/her chest and be proud to represent a coaching company they believed in.  I toyed with hundreds of names, but nothing really caught my attention and made me say, “Now that is what I want my company to be all about!”

While sitting in my aunt and uncle’s house in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, I thought of a saying one of my swim coaches used to shout at the beginning of each workout.  Before we dove in he would yell, “Let’s get RED!”  So I started thinking of the word RED and all of the things associated with the little three-letter word.

  • First I thought of what my coach was referring to.  When you workout and you work hard, your skin becomes red.  This is a sign that you are putting in the effort and you are getting work done.  A red glow to the skin signifies blood is moving.  The muscles are working and need to be replenished with fresh oxygen/nutrients at a higher rate because an effort is being put forth.
  • Then I started thinking of our blood and how important it is in bringing on the new and removing the old.  I thought of this as a metaphor for my coaching business.  I want the coaching services offered by R.P.M. to always be a new supply of energy that will bring in fresh ideas/thoughts and get rid of excess negativity and waste.  Red Performance Multisport will bring in the new, and remove the old.
  • Next, my thoughts moved on to, “The Red Line,”  which is the line an endurance sport athlete in recognized as the line separating control and chaos.  The red line is the point you go from aerobic to anaerobic.  It hurts to cross this line, but the closer you can hold your effort to this red line, the faster you’ll go and the more succesful you will be.  My saying has always been, “Get out of your comfort zone.”  It is uncomfortable to approach the red line, but once you get used to that feeling you learn to love it.
  • And finally I thought of all of the traditional associations with the color red:  Love, passion, desire, drive, determination, along with negative feelings such as anger and fear.  These are all feelings we have occasionally while racing/training/living and the color red is associated with all of them.

As I was sitting there at the kitchen table, I felt as if I had the perfect name that embodied exactly what I wanted my company to be about.  As I always had done, I Googled the name Red Multisport to see if anyone had a business with this name already.  What came up was AMAZING!

A link to a website came up that said it was Multisport R.E.D.  I clicked on the link and a bunch of foreign words appeared on the screen, but that was not the amazing part.  I looked at the picture at the top of the web page and I recognized the uniform the girl was wearing as an L.A. Tri Club uniform.  I thought that was really weird,  but then I looked at the person wearing the uniform.  IT WAS CORTNEY!  The picture was taken at the Palm Springs Half-Marathon we did last February and somehow this foreign web site had gotten the picture and used it as the banner on their site.  We could not believe it.  This had to be a sign that the name RED PERFORMANCE MULTISPORT was the way to go.

So there you have it.  Look for BIG THINGS coming from R.P.M.  We will be a company who only brings on knowledgable, experienced coaches who are dedicated to getting the most out of their athletes at all costs.  We will be a company that is known for giving back to the community through lectures/talks/clinics/etc. to help all athletes better understand their minds and bodies and we will help them better understand how they can get the most out of their training/racing to succeed, no matter what their definition of success my be.  RACE HARD!  LET”S GET RED!

For more info or coaching services provided by Red Performance Multisport, e-mail me at or go to


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