Two Weeks In

I have been getting some great quality up here in Boulder the last few weeks.  Around 90 miles running, 8-10 hours riding, and 20K+ meters in the pool per week.  I feel great.  It’s weird, I have more energy than ever and I am training more than ever.

I ran the Boulder Half Marathon on Labor Day.  I can tell you, this was the hardest running race of my life.  It was off-road, super hilly, and my first race at altitude.  I suffered, BIG TIME!  I tried to run a smart race and really push the pace on the back half of the race, but I didn’t have much left.  I ran three miles to the race and three miles home from the race.  That gave me 19 miles for the day with a hard 13.1 mile tempo run thrown in the middle.  I ended up running 1:16 which put me 6th place overall.  The top 5 guys were flying.  They were definitely not suffering like I was.  It hurt, but I have to remember I didn’t taper, I have never raced at altitude, and I am doing a “bit” more than running right now.

As for everything else, I am on cruise control.  I have sequestered myself in Mark and Joanna’s house, and honed in on what is important.  Today it poured rain and it was cold, but I had an awesome day!  I ran 1:40 this morning in the cold rain and crushed a solid 2 hour trainer workout this afternoon.  I can’t wait to wake up every morning and get on with my schedule for the day.  I wake up every morning greeted at the door of my bedroom by my new brother, Diesel(the exuberant dog).  I follow that with 3-4-5-etc. cups of coffee, then the fun fest begins.  Swimming, biking, running, strength, stretching, yoga, pilates, massage; I am doing it all and making myself a better athlete because of it.  More to come.  RACE HARD!


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  1. I heard from a reliable source (Cortney) that you’re going single-sport on us! Best of luck on achieving your goal. Then get back here and help the rest of us!

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