Where’s Jimbo?

Ok, ok, sorry, I have been MIA as of late.  Post Chicago Rock and Roll, I traveled back to Santa Monica, met with Jenn at Pablove, appeared on Wheel of Fortune, spent some QT with Cortney, packed to leave for Boulder, and departed in my parents 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Tuesday, August 23rd.  Boulder is 1066 miles from Santa Monica.  I planned to do it in two days.  No rush, take my time, and cruise.  Luckily Jenn from Pablove hooked me up with a ton of CDs from the label Dangerbird, so I had endless jams to rock out to on the trip.

Day 1 I made it to Richfield, Utah.  Around 600 miles.  The day went by surprisingly fast.  Day 2 I traveled, probably, the most scenic stretch of highway in the United States.  My route was I-70 through Eastern Utah and into Colorado.  I could not get over the amazing terrain.  I had no cell service but I wanted to call everyone in my address book and describe to them the breath-taking views of Zion National Park and into Colorado’s the canyon drive through the Rockies.

I stayed in Edwards, CO Wednesday with Joanna’s good friend Don.  The plan was to watch the time trial at the US Pro Cycling Challenge the next day in Vail which is the town next to Edwards.  Don is a great guy.  He showed me the spectacular sights of Vail and got me into a gym with a pool that overlooked the Rockies.

Thursday, Joanna came down and we went to the time trial.  It is amazing to see the intensity with which these pro cyclists compete.  The race was 10 miles straight up hill and these guys were completing it in 25 minutes.  That’s fast for a flat course!  One thing that really stood out to me was how the intensity increased throughout the day.  If you don’t know how it works, the weaker cyclists go first and the better guys go at the end.  By the end of the day, it was noticable how hard the top cyclists in the world got that way.  They put their head down and hammer unlike many else can.

I headed to Boulder Thursday night.  There was hard rain through the Vail Pass(Almost 11,000 feet) but I made it to Joanna’s by 9 o’clock safely.  It was time to get to work!

Let me address something for all of those out there who do not understand why I am currently in Boulder.  I am a professional triathlete.  I am now treating triathlon as my profession.  And as in any profession, you must commit yourself to what it takes to succeed.  I believe coming to Boulder to stay with my coach, focusing on my training, living at altitude, leaving the distractions of L.A., and getting to a place where I can put my head down and hone in on my training was a necessary step to do what it takes to succeed as a professional.  Yes, I could have stayed in L.A. and trained there as many athletes do, but I had the opportunity to do something different.  I have work to do in my swim and this is the place to do it with someone who cares to see me improve,  I want to qualify for the Olympic Trials and the running here is some of the best in the world, and the atmosphere for ME is very conducive to doing what it takes to become someone in this sport.  I am treating triathlon as my business and hopefully I am taking the right steps to see that business succeed.

Since I have arrived I have been honing in on my training. Swimming, biking, and a lot of running.  I am feeling strong.  The altitude has not effected me too much.  It takes a bit longer for me to warm up, but other than that I am feeling stronger than ever.  Now that I am settled in I will update this blog pretty frequently.  Stay tuned.  RACE HARD!

Boulder at dusk


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