Look Out Phelps!

Not!  I am back in L.A.  I rolled in Sunday afternoon, and what a warm welcome I had.  I merged onto the 405 from the 5 and I was immediately sitting in dead stopped traffic.  When I did start moving, the drivers around me were driving less like civilized humans and more like they were competing in a demolition derby.  Man did I not miss all of that congestion.  I got home to Cortney who had an ear to ear grin and was beaming with jubilation because her MAN was home (O.K., a bit of exaggeration).  We went for a run, and it seemed as if the entire time we were dodging cars, tourists, dogs, dog’s poop, homeless, etc.  Man did I not miss all of that congestion.  Joanna had told me L.A. would seem different when I got back and she was 100% correct.  It is so much easier and beneficial to train in a location like Mammoth.  Altitude, terrain, no congestion, endless trails, etc.  L.A. is a city.  There is a lot going on, but the more I think about it, the more I think, “Is this really the best place to be if I want to take my performance to the highest level?”  We’ll see.  That being said………


#1.  So, like I said, I got home Sunday.  I swam Monday (We’ll get to that in a bit), and I took the rest of the day off.  Around 3:00p.m. my phone rang.  It was Jackie for Wheel of Fortune.  She was calling to inform me that I would be on the show next Friday, August 19th.  I will be taping a show that will air between Christmas and New Years.  Previously I had been told that I would be a contestant, but I wasn’t sure when I would get the call.  Well the call came.  She said they really enjoyed my personality and they think I will be a great contestant for the show.  Look out Wheel, you’re going to get all of Lube!

#2.  My brother lives in Central Illinois.  He has been looking for a teaching job down there for a while to no avail.  He got a call this morning, Tuesday, that he had gotten a job at a school close to his house.  I am super-stoked for him.

#3.  Cortney has been suffering from an injury in her foot to shin transition.  She, being a typical triathlete, tried to fight through it hoping it would get better.  It didn’t.  She dropped out of Lake Stevens 70.3 becasue of it (Which really sucks because they don’t give her back the $250 she paid, what a scam!).  She is coming to Chicago with me, but the good news is that she saw a specialist today recommended to her by Deena Kastor and he gave her an actual diagnosis and told her exactly what she had to do to get it better.  She’s on the road to recovery.

#4.  Regarding the title of this blog.  I am not even close to a 10-year-old swimmer let alone Michael Phelps right now.  My swim this morning may have been the worst of my life.  I was getting dropped by my lane-mates instantly.  In Mammoth I was concentrating on running.  I swam 3-4 times a week, but nothing crazy.  I found it really tough to get in the pool for quality work.  So I have nowhere to go but up from where I am right now.  Here’s the good news.  Running is cake down at sea level.  I can run 6:00/mile and my heart rate barely rises.  I am a half-full thinker.  My swimming stinks right now, but my running is progressing nicely.  My challenge will be to get my swimming on par with my running and I am determined to do it.

#5.  I just brought on The Pablove Foundation and I look forward to doing some big things to raise awareness of childhood cancer, as well as, doing some big things to raise BIG money for childhood cancer.  I have lived an eventful, fruitful, experience filled life.  If I can help kids suffering from a horrible disease do the same I will stop at nothing to make that happen.  They are children and they don’t deserve such a big problem at such a young age.  I will do whatever it takes to help The Pablove Foundation succeed in their endeavours.

So put all of these things together and what do you get?  A killer race at the Chicago Rock and Roll Half Marathon this Sunday.  I am primed and I look forward to checking my race fitness.  I ran the San Diego Rock and Roll Half in 1:10.14 on 25 miles a week in training.  For this race I have been hitting 80/90/100 miles a week and training with the best in the world.  We’ll see.  I’ll update you on my feel as I get closer to the race.  RACE HARD!


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  1. So excited to have you on board, Jim! Thanks for the support.

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