Time’s Up!

Chillin at Minaret Vista

Well, it’s been fun.  I am heading out of Mammoth tomorrow.  Back to Los Angeles until Thursday when I take off for Chicago.  I have loved it up here.  I think the altitude and hard work has made me into a much stronger/fitter athlete and training with such an elite team has taken my performance to the next level.  I have been training my tail off.  I hit 85 miles running this week, 7 hours cycling, and 15K in the pool.  Now it’s time to back off and get ready to race next weekend.  Going home to Chicago, I look forward to representing.  At the San Diego Rock and Roll Half it was cool that the hometown boy, Meb, won the race.  I want that in Chicago!  Winning a Rock and Roll Half is a tough task, but I hope to lay out a great race and see where I stack up.

Mammoth is the place to be for secluded, non-distracted training.  It has everything you could want.  Great terrain, endless options, beautiful scenery, plentiful/homey accommodations, high altitude, and a very welcoming population.  Mammoth is only 4.5 miles so it is tough to get into trouble here.  You can really concentrate on the task at hand.  I look forward to making Mammoth one of my yearly spots for training camp.  Heck, I may just piggy back on the Mammoth Track Club and start the Mammoth Triathlon Club.

I want to say thank you to Snow Creek Resort for putting me up for the past month.  These are top-notch rentals that provide everything would ever need for a great trip to Mammoth.  Washer/Dryer, all the amenities in the kitchen/bedroom/bathroom/etc., access to an extremely high quality fitness center, close proximity to all of the mountains/chair lifts, plenty of parking, etc.  There is no other option when it comes to lodging in Mammoth.  Snow Creek is the way to go!

Another thank you goes out to the Mammoth Track Club. They brought me under their wing as one of their own and treated me as if I had been there from the start.  Rita, the team’s support, has done so much to help ME get the most out of my workouts here.  She didn’t have to do that, but she did and I owe a lot of my gains here to her.  I also want to thank Josh Cox.  He is the man and that dude can run.  He made it possible for me to come to Mammoth and I owe him, BIG TIME!  Thanks Josh, I appreciate it more than you know.  To Mike, Tim, Deena, Meb, Jaques, Lindsey, Pat.  I’ll be back for more butt-kicking, thanks for pushing me.

Personally, I have been hitting it hard and I need a week to taper down.  I ran a 6 mile tempo run today and I was feeling the fatigue in my legs.  I was supposed to ride 2.5 hours post run, but I had to nix that due to the deadness of my legs.  I want to be fresh and ready to roll next week.  Joanna always says, “One work out won’t make you, but it can break you.”  I need to adhere to her advice and chill.  I need to hit a massage Monday and stay sharp the rest of the week

I love the feeling of travel and not knowing where I am going to train next.  Living by the seat of my pants.  I was cut out for this lifestyle.   I though I didn’t like the feeling of spontaneity while playing ice hockey; never unpacking the car because you don’t know where you’ll be next; I was wrong.  I like it!  I am thankful to my parents for making it possible with the donation of their car to the Lube Fund, and to a supportive girlfriend, Cortney, who wants me to do what it takes to achieve my dreams.  Without that support I wouldn’t have the confidence to do what I am doing.

Stay tuned, who knows where I’ll be next?  RACE HARD!

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