A Quick Update on Progress

So, two weeks in and I am starting to see a bit of progress.  I ran 3 x 3 miles of tempo work today.  Last week I did 2 x 3 miles.  If you compare the two:

Set 1               Last Week    This Week

Mile 1            5:23                  5:23

Mile 2            5:33                  5:26

Mile 3            5:40                  5:29

Set 2

Mile 1            5:29                  5:17

Mile 2            6:00                  5:32

Mile 3           5:50                   5:44

I did fall apart on the third set this week.  My chest got a cramp a mile and a half into it so I had to back off for 2 minutes, but I picked it back up and finished strong.  I definitely feel that my cardio system is in better shape than my muscular system, but I am also logging more miles than ever before.  I am sure my legs are a bit drained.  I am at 83 miles already this week and I have two more runs between today and tomorrow along with a few swims and bikes.  Don’t worry, I am feeling fresh for each workout.  I eat every second I am in “The Crib” when I am not napping.  I realize with the stress I am putting on my system, I MUST take care of myself.  RACE HARD!

Cortney and Deena

View from Minaret Vista


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