A Week Down

My Usual Pre Training B-Fast

One week in Mammoth down and I am feeling STRONG!  Why haven’t I been training like this?  Total focus on training as if it’s my job?  Oh wait, it is.  My daily routine is wake up, coffee, eat, train, eat, nap, coffee, train, eat, sleep.  I ask myself, “What’s the difference betwen a weekend night and a week night when in a focused training block?”  The answer, nothing.  Either way I am relaxing and in bed by 9:30pm.  I feel my body adapting to the altitude, but my heart rate still blows up as soon as there is any incline in the terain.  Yesterday, post ride, I ran 8 miles up to 9000ft.  I tried to keep my heart rate down below 145bpm which equaled a trot similar to walking.  I really want to work on my climbing in the run because if I can run uphill fast with a low heart rate imagine what I can do on a flat.

The talent that the runners have on the Mammoth Track Club is astounding.  These guys are fast!  Whether its an “easy” warm up or mile repeats, they mean business.  There is no messing around.  They are the best in the world and by training with them I can see how they got there.

I had a decent volume week last week and that was my “warm up” week to Mammoth. I can’t wait to build on it this coming week.  My week end total is:

85 miles running

5:30 hours biking

18,000 meters swimming

My Sunday workout is a 2 hour 15 minute run and a 4000m swim.  A nice open to a new week.  I’ll keep you in the loop.  RACE HARD!

P.S. Check out www.Lubesmultisport.com for coaching info.


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