Tempo Day



Today we went “down” to 7000 feet to do a tempo workout.  The workout was based on heart rate, thankfully not pace.  I have not come close to adapting to this altitude thing yet and it was evident today.  I ran 2 x 3 miles on a road that seemed like it was endless.  It was hot, windy, undulating, and long.  I loved it.  The pain I felt was great.  The first 3 miles I kept my heart rate between 165-170 and the second 3 miles I kept my heart rate between 170-175. Although I was working and my HR was high, my pace was not evident of that.  I averaged between 5:20-5:40/mile where as if I were at sea level I would have been sub-5/mile at those heart rates.  I think it is gong to be pretty cool to compare the numbers week over week and see my progression.  We do our Friday tempo runs at the same spot every week, so the gains will be easily visible.

It is so nice to have people to run with.  In L.A. I mainly run alone.  Up here, the group is strong and pushes me to dig deep.  I am not saying that I don’t push it when I am on my own, but it makes it a bit nicer to suffer when you have people around you suffering as well.  I think I am really going to make some big gains running up here because of the talent I am surrounded by.  This team is amazing and it makes me raise my game just to attempt to keep up.

Big weekend of training to come.  I need to get some good nutrition in tonight because the next few days are going to be “fun.”  RACE HARD!

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