Mammoth, Day #2

I had a longer day of training yesterday, but it flew by.  When you train amongst views like this the efforts don’t hurt as bad.  I rode 70 miles early and swam 3500m later in the day.  I rode around June Lake.  In Los Angeles, 70 miles is no problem, here I was feeling it around mile 50.  Hills, wind, altitude; it all adds up to fatiguing a bit quicker.  I made sure to keep the calories coming in, but when I got back to “The Crib” I crashed hard!  I slept for 2 hours, but it felt like 2 minutes.  I woke up, and walked over to the pool.  The pool is a block from my place which makes swimming convenient.  This is where I felt the altitude.  I had some longer swims, 1000m sets, and my breathing was suffering.  I took it extremely slow, but I was spent  when I got out of the pool.

The area I am being effected the most by the change in altitude is in my sleep. I am having a tough time falling asleep at night.  It is really dry, I am always thirsty, my skin is really dry, and I am drinking more water than I ever have.

Today I have an hour and a half run and I hope to get some strength training in.  It is kind of strange to read on Twitter about all of the athletes racing today, and not to be racing myself.  I have to remember the big picture.  I have my sights set on different goals which I have to remember every second of the day. This drives me to push myself to the next level.  Until next time,  RACE HARD!


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  1. Wow! That’s some training schedule you’ve got there. You don’t say which race you’re training for, but good luck anyway….

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