Mammoth Lakes, CA- Night #1

I arrived in Mammoth around 4 p.m. yesterday afternoon. It is absolutely beautiful up here. Fresh air, snow-capped mountains, and the bluest sky I have ever seen. The drive was easy and uneventful. I pulled into Snowcreek Resort, where I will be living, and I was quickly met by a perky receptionist. She had been awaiting my arrival. She tossed me the keys to “The Crib” and told me to have fun. “The Crib” is what the people at Snowcreek call the chalet I am staying in. The Crib, like every other chalet at Snowcreek, is sweet. It is a huge place, fully furnished, with everything you would need to have a blast for a fun summer weekend or an intense ski trip. It also has cable so I can watch The Tour which is key. Once I arrived, I threw on my shoes and went for a run. I did a few pick ups during the run, and at 7,500ft., I could tell there was something different. I could go hard, but I couldn’t get to that anaerobic point. I have always heard this, but I haven’t experienced it. I will be interested to see how my body adapts over the time I spend here. Once I knocked out 8 miles, I came back to The Crib, got on my bike, and went for an “easy” spin. The reason this spin was not easy is because there are hills all over this place. I can already tell the strength I am going to gain from this training is going to be mammoth (good use of words, right?). Last night I grilled out and drank gallons of water. It is dry up here. I know being here is going to take my performance to a new level and I look forward to focusing on what needs to be done to get better. Today, I have a three and a half hour ride followed by a 4000yd swim. I know I have to ease into training in Mammoth, so once I feel too much stress on the body I HAVE to call it quits. I’ll keep you in the loop. RACE HARD!


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