Outside Looking In

I am up at IM CdA this weekend in support of Cortney who is prepping to hammer this course tomorrow morning.  It is odd to be a spectator who is taking it all in.  First off, I am not in the race mind-set.  I am trying to be as supportive as possible, but I hate the fact Cortney will be in that mass of 2500 people and I will be sitting on the sidelines watching.  She has to go through that stress and I cannot even get close to relating to it right now.  This town is full of MDOT tattoos, compression socks, and shaved legs for three days, every other day of the year it is like any other Northwestern city.  I love seeing the excitement around an Ironman event and it is great to be able to actually observe.  Usually I am so self-centered on myself and my preparation, I can’t observe everything going on around me.  Tomorrow is a day so many have worked so hard for.  Dedication, days away from family and friends, early mornings/late nights, shitty tasting healthy food; all in preparation for tomorrow.  A lot of people hate on all of the hoopla, I say bring it on.  An Ironman is a party for triathletes.  It is the climax of all of the committment.  Compression socks are our clubbing gear, MDOT tattoos are our tramp stamps, shaved legs are our shaved faces.  We, as triathletes, do it differently, but WE DO IT!  We have given up our lives and it’s time to celebrate.  Let’s celebrate!  I am behind you guys all of the way.  Kick Ass Tomorrow, especially you Cortney, you deserve it.  RACE HARD!


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  1. Hope Cortney rocks the race and you have a blast cheering her on.

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