A Thinking Man

There have been some really good reads as of late on the internet.  I get a lot of the articles I read off of twitter, that way I don’t have to hunt around to find them.  This week I read an article in Lava Magazine about how Macca uses mind over matter to succeed.  There was a line in this article that said something like, “A dog can train hard, but you have to be mentally aware of your training in order to get where you need to be.”  It went on the say that after each workout, Macca writes down all of the thoughts he had during that session, that way he can look back and see how he was feeling on a certain day and where his head was at.  I like this approach.  Especially in our sport.  We spend so much time training and in our own heads, we must be conscientiously aware of our thoughts.  I know I am always thinking, so I want to start sharing these thoughts with you.  My blogs vary, topic to topic, but I want to make my training thoughts something that becomes habit.  That way I can look back days/months/years from now and see how I was feeling at a specific time in my life/training.

Why wait?  Let’s start now.  I am racing the Rock and Roll San Diego Half Marathon tomorrow.  It was a last-minute add-on to my race calendar(Last Monday), but I am in great shape, so a quick 13.1 shouldn’t be a big deal (Yeah right, it is going to hurt.  It always does).  So, my swim training is still ramping up.  I think I am at 25,000 yds. this week, and my fitness is improving drastically.  I came to San Diego this morning to run/swim with Joanna.  Now, at my masters’ team, I feel great.  I lead lane 3 and I make some really nice intervals, but today I was put in my place.  Joanna swims with such ease.  She floats through the water, and she freakin moves, FAST?  She has been swimming for a long time, but I will tell you, I was inspired watching her swim.  She gave me a ton of points to work on, but what I took out most of our session is a feeling of, “I need to look like that.”  Now, I don’t want to insult anyone out there who has been swimming their entire life.  I understand I can’t compare myself to you.  I can’t just walk into a sport and say I want to hang with the best in the world.  That would be like you putting on ice skates and trying to compete on the ice with me.  I would knock your teeth out.  I just know, I want to work my booty off trying to become the best swimmer I can be.  I know I have potential, and I love to get in the water, so let’s go for it!

This is a quick taste of what’s to come, thoughts-wise.  I will diligently write them down post workout and post them, maybe, once a week.  You may say, “Why would we want to read Jim’s thoughts?”  I don’t know why, but I am going to do it anyway.  I am a weird dude with some weird thoughts, so this may get interesting.  I’ll get back to you after the race and fill you in on how it went.  RACE HARD!


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