I have to be better at this

I need to make time to keep up with my blog!  That’s all there is to it.  There is so much going on as of late and my blog takes a back seat, but not anymore, whatever is going on it my life is going on the blog, done!

So here goes:  I have started my coaching company, Lube’s Multisport.  I haven’t officially launched it yet, I need to refine the website a bit, but I have a rough version.  I can’t wait to really get it going, I love coaching and helping other athletes achieve their dreams.  So, you’ll hear a lot more about that as it comes together.

Other big news:  I am going to be a contestant on Wheel Of Fortune.  I watch it every night during dinner, so one night Cortney said, “Why don’t you apply to be on?”  I put my name on the website, auditioned, yada,yada, yada, I recieved a letter in the mail telling me I WILL be a contestant and they will contact me 2 weeks before the tape date.  SWEET!  BIG MONEY BABY!

I won the Mens’ 30-34 State Time Trials Championship yesterday.  It was in “beautiful” Lake Los Angeles and I almost got eaten by two dogs during my post race run, but I made it out alive and I can now wear the State Champion Jersey.  This gave me a ton of confidence, especially after my last few triathlon performances.  I can run faster than ever, this win proves I can bike faster than ever(avg. 340w for 23.5 miles), which leads to my next big happening in life….

I started swimming big volume.  32,000 yards last week, 30,000 yards this week, and I feel like I am in better shape than ever.  I realized I am getting out of the water with nothing.  No energy to perform on the bike/run the way I need to.  So by upping the volume, my fitness has been improving by leaps and bounds.  I swam 15 100’s today comfortably in 1:22 each and finished with 5 more in 1:15(Paddles added).  The speed is coming, but like I said, the fitness is what is important right now.

I have been getting some good press as of late.  I joined in, in the Coast to Coast Swim Challenge put on by the LA Tri Club.  I swam 4500 yards, and when I finished the lap counter said, “The L.A. Times and Universal Sports are waiting to interview you.”  That was cool because it helped me get the word out that we were doing the swim for a great cause.  Read the story here.

The day before the swim I was interviewed by the N.Y. Times about a great product Jack Black Skin Care makes.  It’s called Dry Goods, the article isn’t published yet, but I’ll let you know when they do.

I have also been writing a monthly article for a new on-line triathlon magazine called 3rd Transition.  I call the article Lube’s Monthly Madness.  It’s a kind of off the wall article which attacks real issues triathletes deal with.

There you go.  Happy Memorial Day!  I Love the U.S.A. and the people who have given their lives to defend our great country.  RACE HARD!


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