Breakfast- Coffee and ME!

I had to do a three hour ride this morning. In order to get all 3 hours in before work I had to leave my house at 5:15a.m. I was riding on San Vincente around 6:00a.m., the sun was just about to come up. At 4th and San Vinvente, I saw a “dog” crossing the street ahead of me. It was looking at me and coming my way. The way it was moving reminded me of my hockey days when I used to angle off opposing players to make it eaier to catch them. As I approached the “dog” I noticed it was not a dog, it was a coyote. A coyote on 4th and San Vincente. I kept riding but the coyote was getting closer and moving faster. Pretty soon we were both in a full out sprint. He was a foot away from me, and looking at me like I was a tasty breakfast. I felt my adrenaline kick in and I dropped the hammer. It was life and death situation, and luckily I came out on top (O.K., a little dramatic, but that’s the way I felt about it). So next time your are out, riding through the City of Santa Monica, look out for the wildlife!!



  1. Maybe it had an awesome case of the rabies… and wanted to share.

  2. Phew I am so glad you were not breaky for that coyote!!!

    I NEED my awesome triathlon coach that is taking me to the 2016 Olympics! 🙂


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