Oceanside, Race #2 2011 Season

Oceanside, Race #2 2011 Season


 What do I want to say about this race?  I had big expectations, and they did not come to fruition.  I have been training hard and consistent and I am in great shape.  I had a poor swim, a poor bike, and a run that started off strong but dwindled to subpar by the end.  I know I am capable of a lot more than the way I performed on Saturday, and I am determined to expose these capabilities, no matter what it takes.  I spoke to my friend Mac Brown after the race and we were similarly frustrated.  He wrote a great blog about his thoughts and feelings that really resonate with me.  Here is the link if you want to read it, www.macbrownracing.com.

So how can I change my performance?  When I was making huge gains, I wasn’t thinking about watts, or heart rate, recovery or nutrition, I was just going.  I was hitting it hard, day in and day out.  I pushed the envelope and got uncomfortable every workout.  I would go out for a 5 hour ride and stay aero the ENTIRE 5 hours, I would swim 20-25K a week, most of it at an intense pace, and I would run 8-12 miles everyday.  I’ve gotten away from this.  No, you cannot sustain this type of training year round, but I think, at times we forget how to really push it.  We forget how to let everything go and make it hurt like never before.  I used to do this, and I can tell you I haven’t been doing it on a consistent basis as of late.

I am going to let you in on the steps I am going to take to change.  Joanna (my coach) and I talked yesterday and we agreed, #1.  I need to swim more.  6 days a week at an intense pace.  This doesn’t mean letting form suffer because as soon as it starts to, that swim session needs to end, but it means frequency and learning to swim fast from the start of the workout.  #2.  Keep upping my wattage on the bike.  Go for broke as if I have no regard for my body.  The only way you learn how to make it hurt in a race is to make it hurt extremely bad in training, so look out body, you are in for it.  #3.  I have a huge base, now I need to run my easy runs at a faster pace and my hard runs at an even faster pace.  When I was tearing up the run 2 years ago, I was doing hour long easy runs at 6:30/mi pace, and I know I can get my tempo runs to 5:00/mi pace consistently, but that is the key word, consistently.  #4.  I need to lose weight.  Not a ton because I know with hard training, loss of too much weight can really effect performance, but I am way too heavy.  I think 9 lbs is reasonable, but it takes focus and self control to do this. 

There are more steps being formulated, but this is the start.  I know I am in great shape, now I need to hone my speed and prepare my muscles for battle.  I am strong and I can handle anything, I know that.  I need to up my intensities and stay focused.  RACE HARD!


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  1. Awesome RR Jim…I know you have it in you to race with the best. I think your goals are right in line with what you need to do. We are all here in support to help you achieve it!!!

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