I got off track with my 7 Deadly Sins theme, but I thought I would get back to it on a positive note this week. I am currently coaching several athletes, two of whom raced last week. Both of these athletes make a great committment to their training, and live an endurance sport lifestyle. Both have full-time girlfriend/wife but they are 100% committed to becoming better athletes. I push them at times, probably to places they thought they weren’t capable of going, but both athletes push their bodies and minds, and reach new heights each and every training session. These new heights are evident in their results from last weekend.

My first athlete, Brian, is a friend and athlete who puts everything he has into life. Like all of us, he questions himself, his life, his body, etc. Brian and I have weekly in-depth discussions regarding all of this. We bounce ideas off of each other and help each other become better athletes/people. Brian raced The Showdown at Sundown last weekend. The weather was poor, and the swim was cancelled, but Brian pushed through and finished second in his division, which is the toughest division in triathlon. Brian has always been a solid triathlete, but I like to believe he is now opening doors he never knew he could. Bring on IM St. George, Brian is going to crush that course!

My next athlete is Scott. Scott was a Division 1 runner at University of Wisconsin. Although Scott is a phenomenal athlete, he is not yet very experienced at duathlon racing, but he is a quick learner. Scott has huge potential in the sport, and he too, puts everything he has into life. He is a High School teacher and track coach with a wife and a dog. He is diligent in his training and although he may not have the time to get in a ton of volume, we work around that and make his sessions count. Scott raced Powerman Alabama which is probably the toughest duathlon in the country/world. We had a solid race plan in place and Scott stuck to it to the T. He placed 5th in his division and 15th Overall (Including Professionals).

I am extremely proud of all of my athletes, and it makes me happy to hear the joy in their voices post race. We all can’t have the best races every race, but if we are aware of that, and are happy with our training, fitness, goals, and life, it makes racing that much more fun. Keep up the good work guys. RACE HARD!

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