Coach Jim- The Bible

The Bible- The Beginning

I recently became a USAT certified coach, and with my background as a life long athlete and current professional triathlete, I really look forward to bestowing my values on my athletes, helping them achieve their goals, and experiencing every step of the journey with them.  I was hesitant to publish The Bible, because it comes from my philosophies/heart and it is something I previously only shared with my athetes, but I realize it shows the kind of coach I will be and what I can bring to my athletes.

This is a list I put a list together of important items/thoughts I want you to think about and practice daily.  I send this to all of my athletes.  This list will change over time, and not all of it will make sense to you yet, but it will.  I can further eloborate on any point, just ask me.  I would like you to keep this list visible, remember it, and practice it:
  •  Check your EGO at the door
  • Remember 1st: Sleep, Recover, Nutrition
  • Be conscience of feel, know your body
  • Open communication: questions, thoughts, feelings; Call Me
  • I am training you at an elite level.  Everyone is different, but I expect you to put as much into this as I am.  I am not training you to finish, I am training you to WIN/SUCCEED
  • This is OUR cult.  Walk with swagger, spread the word, and know I’ll take care of you.
  • Tell me about stress, problems, worries, in training and out
  • Don’t pile on workouts.  If you miss, tell me and stick to your schedule
  • We do this because we love it, if you aren’t loving it, tell me and we’ll deal with it.
  • Listen to me
  • 3 types of workouts, Recovery/Quality/Technique.  Stick to each.
  • Eat to train, don’t train to eat- (Bob Seebohar)  Think about it.
  • Fish Oils/Fruits and Vegetables
  • Don’t skip strength workouts!
  • Think about your movements while training, limit music
  • Get it done.  This is not a sport for the procrastianator
  • Learn your body, know your Heart Rate Zones.
  • Stretch
  • I expect your commitment.  I spend a lot of time on you and your training.  I value what I give you, appreciate that value.  If you are not committed, you miss workouts, you don’t take it/me seriously, tell me, so I can do the same.
  • Do YOUR best
  • Oh yeah, and don’t be a douche bag triathlete, let your actions speak for you




  1. Congrats Jim!!

  2. You’re the best Jim! Thank you & Keep the updates coming!!

  3. I really like this philosophy Jim…exactly the kind of attitude, swagger, discipline and commitment I would want in a Coach…congrats. on the USAT Certification and all your success with this Sport…and oh, BTW – 1:11 in a half marathon? ridiculous!!!

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