Point 1:  I am from Chicago and PROUD of it.  I love Italian Beef and Deep Dish Pizza.  I love to eat and I am not afraid to admit it.  To be honest, I really have no self control when it comes to food.  If I see food and I want it, I eat it.  I know a lot of you say, “If it makes you happy to eat something then do it.”  That may go for most people, but when you need to perform at the level I need to perform at, this can’t happen.  I need to treat my body as if it were a race car.  You don’t see pit crews on the Formula 1 series putting 87 Octane fuel in their cars.  No, it’s nothing but the best.  When I am driving around all day, I eat crap, when I am sitting around at night, I eat crap.  As we speak, I am eating a pepperoni, sausage, and mushroom pizza.  It looked good, so I ordered it.  Why can’t I have the self control to order a salad or a healthy sandwich?  And it’s not like I eat just a piece or two.  If it’s in front of me, I eat it ALL.  Trying to find a left over on my plate is like trying to find a straight guy at a Lady Gaga concert.  It does not exist.  I think, maybe, by externalizing these thoughts I be able to have better self control.  Cortney makes really healthy dinners, so I got that going for me, but that is about all I got going for me.  If I weren’t a triathlete I would probably be 300lbs., but maybe that wouldn’t be a bad thing, I could go on the Biggest Loser, SWEET!

            Point 2:  Alcohol consumption.  There is no such thing as one drink max. in my world.  If I am going to drink, I am gong to D.R.I.N.K. (reference my NYE video on Facebook).  I have fun; I am the life of the party.  I don’t drink that much, only like 5-6 nights a week (Kidding), no, maybe one night a week, but that night is an all out bender and I feel like crap the next day.  I don’t feel hung over, usually, I feel guilty to my body.  I work so hard to make the gains I do training during the week, and I potentially wipe that all out with one night of stupidity.  I believe I am capable of having the social cocktail, but that remains to be seen.  Once again, I am not treating my body as the race car it is.  I hang with nontriathletes for the most part, and I let them influence my behavior.  I have to realize I have a different agenda.  Most nonathletes come home from work, drink, eat, and sleep.  I have to realize I am different.  I can’t act like everyone else.  Sure, there is time for fun, but, like I said, when I am training this hard, I have to have my priorities straight.

            I don’t want to drag this on too long.  I am sure you get the point.  I need to be better with my self control.  I really believe in the saying, “You are only as good as the fuel you put into your body.”  Hopefully I can make these changes, which will, in turn, allow me to train harder, recover quicker, and race at the highest possible level.  RACE HARD!


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