I hate Facebook, I hate Twitter, I hate You Tube, I pretty much hate all social networking sites where I can see what other professional triathletes are doing, that I am not.  Ok, maybe I don’t really hate these sites, but they really make me envious of other professional triathletes.  When I see Lance riding 85 miles in Hawaii on a Wednesday, or Ambrose and McCormak killing it on the East Coast of Australia on a Tuesday afternoon, or Foster and Amey getting in a solid pool swim every morning at 10a.m., I know they all of them are getting better while I am not.

What really got this envious blood flowing was when I saw my friend and fellow pro triathlete Ian Mikelson, post on Facebook that he was on his way to a ten week training camp in New Mexico.  I immediately texted Ian and asked if he quit his job.  He replied that he was just taking a “break” from work.  Ian is fast, and now he is going to go train with and elite team, and get faster.  He is going to train hard, recover properly, and eat right.  He is going to be focused and make huge gains.  I am really psyched for him.

Now, I know most of you will say, “How much money do these guys make?  Jim, you have a job, which gives you the security you need in life.”  I know this.  I am not stupid.  I love my job.  I work for a great company, I work with a lot of good people, I make good money, and I really help a lot of patients with my products(I sell Acne products to dermatologists).  I always told you I would be honest and open on this blog.  I would convey my real feelings no matter what they be.  And right now I am feeling envious.

Let me describe a typical day in the life of Jim Lubinski for all of those that don’t know me.  I wake up at 5:15am, I drive to Thousand Oaks, CA and hit strength training from 6:45am-7:45am, I then jump into the back of my mobile locker room(a.k.a. a Dodge Grand Caravan) and toss on my work suit and tie.  I am in my first Doctors office by 8a.m.  I see 6-8 doctors between 8 and 12.  At 12pm I dive in the pool at California Lutheran University for a Masters’ Swim Workout with Coach Nancy.  I swim from 12-1pm.  I then jump back into my mobile locker room to throw my suit back on.  I work/drive around the Greater Los Angeles area from 1-5pm.  I head home at 5pm and try to be on the trainer from 5:30-7:30pm.  I eat and pass out usually by 9:30pm.

I chose this life and I knew it was going to be hectic. I am making huge gains as a triathlete and I am rocking the pharmaceutical world.  Things are really going well for me right now.  But there are times when life/work gets in the way of my professional triathlon career.  It’s sometimes tough to balance two full time jobs, and when I have to make a choice, triathlon usually loses.  I don’t have the luxury of just focusing on my training and racing, but that is my choice.  I have lived the life of a struggling pro athlete when I was an ice hockey player.  I know what that is like, but I don’t want to look back in 15 years and say I wish I had given it more of a shot.

So that is my dilemma and I hope I am clear about why I am feeling envy toward other full time professional triathletes.  Paul Ambrose put a picture of him riding along the Australian coast on Twitter the other day with the caption, “I love my job.”  And that is the way these guys treat triathlon, as their job.  I’ll be honest and tell you I don’t not think I have grasped this yet.  I have not looked at triathlon as a paycheck because I haven’t had to.  Is this a good thing? Is this a bad thing?  This is for no one to decide but myself.

I can’t help the feeling of envy, but I also know that I have not lived the life of a typical professional triathlete.  I have a long way to go and I don’t know if I’ll ever get there.  All I do know is that I want to be “The Most Electric Name in Sports Entertainment,” since The Rock, and I am trying to do what it is going to take to get there.

I am running the L.A. 13.1 this weekend so if you’re going out to the race, come say, “Hi.”  I will also be holding a talk at Triathlon Lab in Santa Monica this Monday, January 17th at 6:30p.m. to discuss and answer questions about what I have learned over the past season as a professional triathlete.

Thanks for your ear.  RACE HARD!


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