A Christmas Relic

While swimming at the YMCA in my hometown of Niles, Illinois over the Christmas holiday, I had a ripping experience.
I had just finished a tough 4200m swim workout. As I hopped out of the pool, an old, feeble looking “lifeguard” limped over to me and said, “Hey sonnyboy, I think it’s time for a new suit.” I figured my suit was just sagging a bit too much, and this oldie just wanted to be heard. I laughed a bit, and he motioned for me to feel my rear. I reached back, and all I felt was a BARE ASS! I blew the entire ass crack out of my suit and all that was left showing was my blow hole, for all to see. Needless to say, I was happy to see a new suit under the Christmas Tree Christmas morning. I need to stop swimming so fast.


1 Comment

  1. Jim,

    Ran across your blog. My kids swam for Leaning Tower and lifeguarded there. I know of who you speak! How small (weird) a world we live in. Will be following you now. Good luck in your races.


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