Change IS Good

Change IS Good




            If something isn’t working, change it!  This is a lot easier said than done.  We are hesitant to change.  Change is hard.  It is easy to keep going through the same motions day in and day out, getting the same mediocre results, for the sake of ease and comfort.  Whether this be in work, social, athletics, etc.  It takes guts to make a move, but as Tom Cruise says in “Risky Business,” Sometimes you just gotta say, What the F@*!, and make your move.” (Thanks Casey)

            The last few months I have been, “stuck in a rut.”  Going through the motions day in and day out, not really making an impact on anyone or anything.  This was not me, and I knew it.  I knew, I had to make some changes.

            Change #1:  Randomly, I was swimming laps at California Lutheran University during my lunch break, and I found the stimlus for change that I needed.  As I finished a lap, I looked up from the pool and a woman was standing at the edge of the pool.  She asked if I minded if she gave me some stroke tips.  I, obviously, said, “Of course.”  She gave me a few and I finished my workout.  When I got out, I met her.  It turned out she was Nancy Reno, the USMS “Coach of the Year” in 2009.  She told me I could come out and swim with her masters’ team, Conejo Valley Multisport Masters, when ever I wanted.  I took her up on the offer and after a few workouts; she offered to coach my swim on a full time basis.  To make a long story short, she has taken me under her wing, she is pushing me to the next level, she has broken down and built up my stroke, and she is 100% committed to making me a swimmer.  A few weeks ago I swam a 1:08/100yds.  That is a huge improvement over what I have been doing in the past.  Nancy is a very hands’ on, caring coach who loves the sport and wants to see her athletes succeed.  I was swimming with Gerry Rodrigues.  Gerry is a great coach who has taken me a long way, but, in swimming, I believe it is good to get a lot of different viewpoints.  I am sure I will be swimming with Gerry’s Tower 26 swim workouts at the new Palisades Pool occasionally, but for now I am getting the help I need from Nancy.

            Change #2:  This is also a change stimulated by Nancy Reno.  She has her Masters program set up to be in the gym at Proactive SP in Westlake Village twice a week, strength training.  The trainer at Proactive SP is Ryan Capretta.  He has trained some of the biggest names in the NFL, MLB, NHL, and some of the top programs in college sports.  Every Tuesday and Thursday I am in the gym for an hour with Ryan where he absolutely demolishes my body.  After a month of these workouts, I believe, I am the strongest I have ever been.  For example, I climbed Las Flores last weekend, (Maybe the toughest climb in the Santa Monica Mountains) seated without really breaking a sweat.  Additionally, I ran a track work out last week and I had no trouble holding a strong 5:10/mile pace.  Give me a few months of this intense strength training and I am going to be a machine!

            Change #3:  I brought on Ironman 70.3 World Champion, Olympian, and one of the best all-around triathletes ever, Joanna Zeiger, as my coach.  Cortney has had Joanna as her coach for the past season and I have been really impressed with the developmental program Joanna has given Cortney, as well as, the communication and care Joanna has shown Cortney throughout the season.  Cortney has went from being a good triathlete to being an elite triathlete in one season.  They have worked together on a plan, with set goals and achieved them one by one.    I am excited to be working with Joanna and I think she will be a great guide to show me how to get the best out my mind and my body.

            Change #4:  Lloyd Taylor from my bike shop sponsor Triathlon Lab contacted me last month and told me he wanted to set me up on a new Felt B10.  How could I resist?  I went to the shop the next week and it was there, ready to go.  To say the least, this is a sweet ride; super stiff, lightweight, and responsive.  The B10 also has the Shimano Di-2, which is the electronic shifting system.  You don’t appreciate this system until you actually use it.  It is so easy to shift, it’s like clicking a mouse.  I have been hammering my bike workouts and getting more out my body because of the quality rides I have been having on my bike.

            Change #5:  The last one, I swear! (So far).  I have started to coach clients.  I know a lot and have done a lot of things thus far in this sport, so I figured, why not share this knowledge with others?  I am starting small with friends just to get the feel, but already I notice a difference in my training.  I am much more aware of my workouts, my body, and my focus because I know this is what my athletes need to be aware of.  I think it is really interesting, how coaching another athlete opens up my perspective and gives me greater knowledge of myself.

            I saw, “The Social Network,” over the weekend which was a great flick.  But, one thing that really stimulated this blog was when someone said to the creator of Facebook, “Yes! The website is finished!”  To which the creator replied, “Facebook is never finished, Facebook will always be evolving.”  I believe, we, as people, are always evolving, and when we stop evolving, we stop living.  It is easy to staying your comfort zone and do the same thing day in and day out.  You must try new things.  You can always go back to the way things were, but without trying, how are you going to know what else is out there? Evolve! RACE HARD!


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